What happens with member data

MyTime and member information

This page outlines how and why we collect information from MyTime members. Member information is filled out by members in MyTime registration forms, surveys, and evaluations so that we can:

  • Understand the needs of our members
  • Improve the MyTime program
  • Deliver the MyTime service in a way that meets members’ needs
  • Show our funders that MyTime is making a difference for parents and families
  • Meet our funding requirements.

When do we ask for member information?

When someone joins MyTime as a member, we ask them to fill out a registration form and complete a short survey. Every six months, we will also ask members to complete a member check-in survey. This is something all members will do. It will generally occur during May and November each year.

What information must members provide?

We only collect information with consent. Members can request to access, correct, or withdraw their information at any time.

  • Registration information is compulsory: Members do not have to provide us with their information. However, it is a requirement that all MyTime group members are registered. This means that if someone chooses not to provide the registration information required by MyTime, they are unable to access the MyTime service.
  • Member survey information is voluntary: While member registration is compulsory to take part in MyTime, our member surveys –while important for making sure MyTime is achieving its goal – are voluntary.

What information do we collect?

At MyTime, we collect personal and sensitive information. Personal information includes a person’s name, contact details, address, date of birth, gender, education, employment and family. Sensitive information includes racial or ethnic origin and disability information.

Where is information stored?

Any information shared with us is stored in a secure, restricted-access database that can only be accessed by authorised MyTime staff. Our database is in Australia.

When a paper form is filled out, the form is stored securely until the information is entered into our database by authorised MyTime staff. Paper forms are destroyed once they have been entered into our database. All reasonable steps are taken to protect and secure electronic and paper data.

Do we share information?

MyTime is required to share a small amount of information with our funders, the Department of Social Services. Every 6 months, we submit a report to let our funders know how MyTime is running. The reports do not include names, addresses, or other identifying information.

These reports are important because they help us show that MyTime is reaching the people who need it and is a useful service. We are only interested in information that helps make MyTime better. We want to know the answers to questions like ‘Are MyTime groups accessible to the people who need them most?’ and ‘What benefits do people get from attending MyTime?’. This means we don’t look at information about individual people. Instead, we focus on the bigger picture.

More information

MyTime complies with Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988.

MyTime’s delivery partners have their own privacy policies. Please ask your provider if you would like to access their privacy policy.

MyTime is managed by the Parenting Research Centre. You can contact us at any time to access, correct, or withdraw your information or to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Address: Parenting Research Centre, PO Box 582, East Melbourne, VIC, 8002
Phone: +61 3 8660 3500
Email: mytime@parentingrc.org.au


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