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As a MyTime member you have access to information and resources through your group's facilitator. Ask your facilitator about what is available to support you.

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Can't make it to your group?

If you are unable to attend your group with your child or young person, it might be worth exploring other options for support such as respite, so you can attend MyTime by yourself. For more information about respite go to:

If your child is 18 and over we would encourage you to contact the Carers Association in your state to explore other options for you.

MyTime and your information

When joining a MyTime group, we ask all new members to register by filling out a registration form. The information from registration forms and our voluntary surveys and interviews helps us understand your needs and make sure the MyTime program is making a difference.

Any information you share with us is stored in a highly secure, password-protected database that can only be accessed by MyTime staff who are directly involved in running your group. You can request access to your own information at any time.

MyTime is required to share a small amount of general, non-identifying information with our funders, the Department of Social Services. Every 6 months we submit a report to let our funders know how MyTime is running. We remove all names (including member and child names), addresses, and any other personal information before information is entered into these reports.

These reports are important because they help us show that MyTime is reaching the people it needs to and is a useful service. MyTime and the program funders are only interested in information that helps make MyTime better. We want to know the answers to questions like ‘are MyTime groups accessible to the people who need them most?’ and ‘what benefits do people get from attending MyTime?’. This means we don’t look at information about individual people – instead, we focus on the bigger picture.

MyTime’s delivery partners have their own privacy policies. Please ask your provider if you would like to access to these.


Still have questions?

Have a chat with your facilitator if you have any further questions about how we protect your personal information. Thank you for helping us make MyTime the best it can be!