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MyTime organises supported groups where parents and carers of children with disability or other additional needs can feel understood, share ideas and access quality information and resources.

It’s support for you

Meet other parents and carers of children with disabilities or other additional needs. It’s a place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences.

It's free

MyTime groups are free to join, and being a part of MyTime does not affect your NDIS funding. Check your eligibility.

Professional support

A trained facilitator helps group members get to know each other and learn more about local resources and support services.

Children are welcome

Preschool-age children are welcome at MyTime sessions. While you unwind, your child is kept engaged nearby by MyTime play leaders.

What happens in a MyTime session?

By talking about their experiences and listening to each other without judgement, members share their highs and lows, including how they have navigated challenges. Through this, they build connections with people in similar situations, which can lead to an increased sense of belonging and wellbeing.

MyTime is a place to socialise, to discuss, to get information, and to support and be supported by other parents and family carers. It’s a world away from appointments and therapy.

Members get to plan the group sessions around their specific needs as carers. Each group has between 4 and 12 members, who usually meet once a week for 2 hours during school term. It’s not necessary to attend every session – members choose to go when they have time.

Preshool-age children are welcome to attend. A play leader will be on hand to engage these children in play.

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“Even though everyone has children with different diagnoses, we all support and learn from each other.”

Chat over coffee

In some MyTime sessions, members just relax over a coffee, talk about their week and share advice and information.

Learn something new

In some sessions the facilitator or a guest speaker might lead discussion on a topic of interest.

Take care of yourself

Sometimes, the group might just have fun with an activity aimed at helping members relax and look after their wellbeing.

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MyTime groups are for all parents and family carers of children under the age of 18 who need a higher level of care than other children. This might be because of disability, a chronic medical condition, or other additional needs including developmental delay.

MyTime groups are not restricted to parents of children with particular additional needs – for example there are not specific MyTime groups for autism spectrum disorder or cerebral palsy.

Generally, if someone is not eligible to join MyTime but wants to attend, they might be able to attend as a guest. Attendance of guests, such as babysitters and grandparents, and members’ school-age children is at the discretion of the group and its facilitator, and members take priority over guests if groups approach maximum capacity.

It’s best to discuss any questions you have about MyTime eligibility directly with the coordinator of your local group.

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Our team

When you attend a MyTime group session, you will be supported with skilled guidance from trained facilitators. Facilitators will guide the sessions, and help you access information and services in your area.

While you attend, a play leader will engage your preschool aged child to give you a chance to wind down and relax.

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MyTime facilitators

MyTime facilitators have experience in disability, parenting or family support. They make sure group discussion is open and inclusive, help members choose what they would like to discuss in their groups, and can also provide reliable resources and help organise speakers and activities.

MyTime play leaders

Also attending are MyTime play leaders, who keep members’ preschool-age children engaged with activities such as singing, drawing, and playing with toys and blocks. Although some play leaders are qualified childcare workers, parents remain responsible for their own children at MyTime.