MyTime new member consent

Welcome to MyTime!

Registering with MyTime is an important part of becoming a member of your MyTime group. The questions we ask on the MyTime registration form help us run the program and meet our members’ needs.

MyTime Consent Statement

We only collect information with your consent. Any information you share with us is stored in a secure, restricted access database that can only be accessed by authorised MyTime staff. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure data is protected and secure.

You do not have to provide us with your information. However, it is a requirement that all MyTime group members are registered. This means that if you choose not to provide the information required, you will be unable to access the MyTime service.

MyTime is required to share some general information with our funders, the Department of Social Services (DSS). All information we share with DSS is de-identified. This means we remove all names, addresses and other identifying information before sharing.

Providers hosting MyTime groups adhere to individual privacy policies. Please check with the provider for access to these.

More information

MyTime is managed by the Parenting Research Centre. You can contact us at any time to access, correct, or withdraw your information or to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Address: Parenting Research Centre, PO Box 582, East Melbourne, VIC, 8002
Phone: +61 3 8660 3500