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We have been working with the Department of Social Services to clarify future funding arrangements for the MyTime for Grandparents program. We can now confirm that, sadly, the current funding will not be continuing beyond June 30. The support this program has given grandparents and kinship carers has been extraordinary and, while the news is unfortunate, we also celebrate the great achievements and thank all involved delivering this needed support so successfully over the years.

If you are looking for support in your area, the Raising Children Network's Grandparents and Kinship Carers article lists national and state-based services. The Raising Children Network also has articles for grandparents and kinshp carers, and links to services focusing on child health and development.

If you are a member of a MyTime for Grandparents group, you may want to talk to your facilitator about other services in your community. You can also find information and support here.


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